Eir Birch offers a variety of services to help your organization collect, manage, and leverage data on mobile devices. We specialize in the ODK-X Tool Suite


Custom App Development


Eir Birch's core strength is software development. We can take your organization's unique requirements and turn them into a data management application that is perfectly suited to your needs. Our apps provide bi-direction data synchronization and custom visualizations and interfaces for your complex workflows. Building on the ODK-X platform, which uses web technologies, we can deliver faster and cheaper than our competitors.  

Form Design


Eir Birch provides the most flexible, user directed digital forms available. We can help you create a simple, sequential survey or we can create a branching, looping, conditional survey with custom prompt types and sub forms. Use previously collected data, from all your devices, to make decisions or prepopulate your current form. Your forms can also be integrated seamlessly into a larger data management application. 


Server Management


Eir Birch can provide the cloud support to help you focus on your work in the field. We can set up and maintain a cloud server on the platform of your choice (AWS, Azure, Google Cloud) in the region you prefer (US, EU, East Asia, etc) and adhere to your local data protection laws. We can also provide services and build tools to automatically integrate data from this server into your existing system according to your custom workflow.

Deployment Support


Eir Birch can help you scale your data management application and cloud server to be ready for field operation. We can travel in country to help roll out your technology and provide training to your workers in the field. We can handle any issues that arrive and smooth out any wrinkles along the way so that your organization can focus on the data. 


Technical SupporT


Eir Birch is available to answer your questions 7 days a week. We offer support packages to provide your organization with peace of mind. We are core developers of the ODK-X platform, and we know it inside and out. You can trust us to provide quick, detailed, and thorough response to solve your team's problems as fast as possible.



Eir Birch can provide training at any level, either remotely or on location. We can teach your field workers how to navigate the apps or we can help your developers ramp up quickly on the ODK-X platform. We can also provide training materials for your organization to use at their own pace. 


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