ODK 2.0 Documentation Review

I've ported the ODK 2.0 documentation from its old home at opendatakie-dev.cs.washington.edu into the ODK docs repo. This includes modifying the content to the use restructuredText, adjusting the style and content to fit the ODK style guidelines, improving readability, and fixing errrs. Check out the pull request.

If you've used ODK 2.0 at all please take a look and leave a review! Its a big one and we could use all the eyes on it that we can get.


ODK 2.0 Tutorials

The nice folks over at St. Catherine University in St. Paul, Minnesota have kindly shared their tutorials for getting started with ODK 2.0. You can see them here on the forum.

Check them out! They're a little outdated but a lot of the content should still be relevant. I'll be working with that team to be including them in the ODK 2.0 documentation refresh, so please post comments on that post with feedback you'd like to see.